Karisma Films

Karisma_Films_logo-2K-1024x778 ----Karisma Films is a film production company – founded 2004. We have based our business in Tampere, Finland. We produce feature & short films, documentaries, stereoscopic-3D and offer web-services such as website design and content management systems (CMS). We are curious to learn new techniques of film-making, such as slow motion, time-lapse videos, special  photography and other experimental techniques.



Our services include:

  • Company videos
  • Commericals
  • Music videos
  • Educational videos
  • Event videorecording
  • Videoediting and post-production
  • Web design
  • E-Commerce
  • Graphic & logo design
  • Print publications
  • Feature & Short films

We have participated in several national and international co-productions and received cultural funding and subsidies. We have released three feature films distributed by national TV broadcasters and/or theaterical releases: Leijonan Sydän / “Life on Ice” (fiction drama, 2005), Taivaankulkijat / “Walking the Sky” (doc., 2010) and a co-production in Sanansaattaja (fiction, 2011). Our short film Sydänjuuria / “Bound by Heart” (fic. drama, 2012) has received international attention in a variety of film festivals, much like our 3D productions “Essentia: Suicide in Chinatown 3D 5.1″, “WARP 3D”, and “Helsinki 3D”

Please contact us in the means of co-operation, co-production, or for any other reason!

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