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Manzana meets Zombie Walk

Finnish hard rock band Manzana just released its new album “Toy machine” along with a new music video “Zombie girl”. Video is directed, edited and shot by Markus Kosonen and was done during the annual Zombie Walk in Tampere 2012. Manzana Official website Wikipedia: Zombie Walk

“White Flame – The Look” Music video

New single from White Flame comes with a new live-video from Karisma Films. The second single off of White Flame’s upcoming third album. The Look, originally 1989 hit by Roxette has been remade and remodeled into a fun loving hard rock party song. The video was shot at Kukkaisrock 2012 in Tampere, Finland. Directed by Markus Kosonen.

Essentia – Suicide In Chinatown 3D

Watch Karisma Films first 3D-project on Youtube 3D-plugin and red/cyan glasses. You can also select different viewing method. Directed by: Tommi Moilanen & Markus Kosonen Produced by: Markus Kosonen/Karisma Films 3D Director : Riku Naskali/Stereoikkuna.fi Recorded by: Lauri Malin/Matrixtor Studios 3D-audio mix: Tomi Pietilä/TomFloor Productions 5piste1.fi Assistant director: Tomi Kuusisto/Karisma Films Light: Iiro Peltonen & Hannu Koivuranta Make-up: Outi Hartikainen…

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