Avainsana: 3D

London Timescapes 3D

London Timescapes 3D on julkaistu. Kahdeksan minuuttinen elokuva on korkearesoluutioinen 3D taltiointi Lontoon vilinästä. Elokuvan on tehnyt Alexander Savin. The film is a hi-res 4K resolution stereoscopic 3D timelapse by Alexander Savin. Elokuvan omat sivut: http://stereo3d.london/

Helsinki 3D theaterical premiere in BEYOND 3D Film Festival

Karisma Films stereoscopic short film Helsinki 3D has its theater premiere in BEYOND 3D Film Festival, Karlsruhe Germany. The festival presents a variety of  innovative 3D-documentary and fictional time-and-space narrations, which create adequate content for the new possibilities of technology. Helsinki 3D is directed by Alexander Savin. Description if Helsinki 3D in Beyond 3D Film Festival website Helsinki 3D official website…

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3D-Music Video distributed by Finnkino

3D-Music Video Gets Finnkino Distribution Press Release October 28th, 2009 The stereoscopic music video Essentia: Suicide in Chinatown 3D 5.1, produced by Tampere-based production company Karisma Films, will be distributed by Finnkino starting Friday 30th of October. The video will be shown before screenings of Final Destination 3D in Tennispalatsi in Helsinki, Kinopalatsi in Turku and Plevna in Tampere. In…

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Essentia: Suicide in Chinatown 3D 5.1

Essentia´s newest single “Suicide in Chinatown” captioned in unusual way: filmed in stereoscopic 3D and recorded in Dolby 5.1 surround – brought to you by Karisma Films. Screenings at OMVF: wed 19.8.2009 time: 12:00 /// Finnkino Plaza wed 19.8.2009 time: 13:00 /// Finnkino Plaza thu 20.8.2009 time: 12:00 /// Finnkino Plaza thu 20.8.2009 time: 13:00 /// Finnkino Plaza fri 21.8.2009…

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