WARP pilot video in NVidia 3D Vision format

Hello, lucky owners of the NVidia 3D Vision systems. Here is a treat for you – a pilot video of the upcoming WARP 3D movie. In the full glory of the HD 3D. Yes, full HD till the last pixel.

It’s a pity how much of the video content currently available in the 3D Vision format (read – none). So we decided to release this freely. Download, enjoy. Just remember, that’s not a movie, that’s not a trailer. That’s a pilot video, which hopefully will allow us to create the rest of the movie.

So, here’s how you can watch it.

Download the video tracks (266mb each):
Left eye: https://karismafilms.fi/warp/3dvision/WARP_preview_L.m2t
Right eye: https://karismafilms.fi/warp/3dvision/WARP_preview_R.m2t

Download the soundtrack (21mb):

Use NVidia 3D Vision video player or Stereoscopic Player (which is basically the same):
File -> Open Left and Right file -> select video tracks -> select Audio -> Separate audio file -> and select the wav soundtrack. Now click Ok, then activate the full screen.

Enjoy the show.

And yes, you can download only one eye, open it in the same way in Stereoscopic player, attach a soundtrack, and enjoy the glorious 2D HD version of the video. But hey, that’s a 3D movie after all. If you just knew all the effort behind bringing the “gimmick” of stereo to live.

The pilot video is also available in digital cinema package format – DCP. We can send it to you upon request, if we decide it’s really worth it.

One more thing. This 3D video is shot and optimised for the big screen. I’ve checked it also on Acer’s 24” 3D monitor, and it looked just great. But beware of downscaling it to the lower resolution. You’ll loose the precious stereo depth. In 3D size (of the screen) does matter.

/Alex Savin, the dude who directs this show